Apr 022014
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I am so excited using Google Voice (GV). A  had this account for almost three years if not more but I never really used it until I met DESTINY!!

Destiny insisted that I configured it properly and use it. At first, I thought  “who is this pushy guy” 😉 and then I said to myself, “let’s just give it a try” and  honestly, I am a google voice “convert”. I love love love it!!!

Thank you Destiny! You are AWESOME!!!

And for the rest of you out there reading this post, USE google voice it’s pretty cool!

Mar 102014
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We have heard this word times without number but what does it really mean? This is a question worth pondering on.  Depending on whom you ask, there is always a different answer. Sometimes, you run in to two persons with same answer but this is often rare. In such cases, I have found that one person may come up with a definition and other(s) agree nonetheless, we have a definition.

Now, let’s examine this word critically and determine what definition we want or need to stick with.

According to Wiki

Success may refer to: