last mod 2012.08.09fri1112: Hi, I'm Kundan. I work M-F 6am-4pm at a dream job: Marketing Director at Social Marketing in Santa Ana. On the side, I founded & run SoulGasms.Info where I am a Dream Life Alchemist (personal life coach); also I founded & Head 4 Meetup groups, including I joined at DestinyArchitect's suggestion on pst2012.07.14sat2049 to post my 1st comment & other comments on our promotion of Showtime's exciting Polyamory series. Here's my other profiles roughly from-most-to-least active: Google+ and not yet listed there: Meetup, Tumblr, LinkedIn, OkCupid, POF x5, POF x2, fReado, Google Search, (replaced by SoulGasms.Info). Bio history.

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