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I'm a retired writer & graphic designer. I 1st joined JotHere 2011.03.19sat0936 to publish my scripted-talk "A History of Aprons"; I also use it to publish comments & posts as part as my job as Users Leader #1 of OCAndroid; and I have many more writings I may publish here. From most-to-least active roughly, here's my web profile on: Meetup, Amazon author, LibraryThing author.

May 042015
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Finding “Little Things”


Video Club of Laguna Woods

I’ve long been fascinated with the tiny decorative touches that my friend of many years, Jinny Robertson, creates around her home in Northern California. I was planning to visit the Robertsons during the summer of 2014, and my original idea for this video was to take pictures of what I saw and to assemble the photos into a short video, cutting quickly between photos on the beat of some appropriate music. I actually planned it as a gift for my friends. I thought it was much to[……]MORE

Mar 282013



Apr 172012
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M2NSM5 Version 1.2

  1. M2NSMJ: Title & URL: Lucy wants to give the couch Randy left to Charlie
  2. M2NSOG: This post is public, so only use 1st names in this posts & its comments, including just the street # for a location, in order to insure everyone’s privacy.
  3. M2NSYH: This shared public post is to coordinate the details with the many parties involved. Readers & especially all parties involved are are asked to join in in the discussion: simply create an account on
  4. M2NSUQ: See comments below for the goal & its la[……]MORE
Jan 272012
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version 0.11

I’ve been working on a website for my daughter, Lisa Parker-Meredith’s student film, “Jo-Jo,” being produced by a crew from Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA, with Lisa as Producer/Writer/Director. The main purpose of the site is to help the student filmmakers raise the funds needed to carry out their project. It’s a fictional film dealing with an urgent issue.

Take a look at

Jan 102012
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  1. Each attendee briefly introduces him/herself.
  2. Each attendee talks about his/her phone…
    • What kind? Is it your first smartphone? How long have you had it?
    • What do you like best about it?
    • What do you like least?
    • Any comments about your carrier?
    • Any other Android devices you’re using?
  3. Each attendee who wants to, mentions any problems or questions s/he’d like answered…
  4. Best Android apps…The blog lists “20 most useful Android smartphone apps of 2011” (11/25/11 post). D[……]MORE
Oct 032011 offers one of the most interesting reports on Samsung’s recently-announced agreement to pay Microsoft for every Android phone it sells. The article reflects on implications for other Android device-makers and on another key Android-related lawsuit. Furthermore, comments from incensed readers go on for miles and can be enlightening. [……]MORE

Mar 192011
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Interested in the history of aprons?

Following is a talk on apron history presented by my daughter, Lisa Parker-Meredith of Mission Viejo, CA, at the annual Spring Tea of Sigma Alpha Sorority Eikostos Deuteros Council Saturday, March 19, 2011, at Woodbridge Village Association, Irvine, CA. Aprons were the theme of the fundraising event. With her partner Debi Purcell, Lisa designed and markets a line of 50’s aprons under the name of PurPar Hollywood Aprons. If you would like to learn more about PurPar aprons, please leave a comment requesting info with your email and/or p[……]MORE