Hi, I'm Kathy. I founded & run, a custom Android app developer with over 30 apps; I also write & web-publish articles on Android & tech marketing. As part of my job as an OCAndroid developer leader. I 1st joined this site pst2012.01.27fri1242 (in response to leading SoCalAndroid Hack Night via OCAndroid 11); I use 1.JotHere for posting points & presentations & other comments in OCAndroid Main Meetings happenings plus promise to post some of my tech articles here. From most-to-least active roughly, here's my web profile on: Meetup, LinkedIn, MSRTech, Google.

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  1. Title: When I use for my account, I don’t get any email
    1. Specifically I didn’t get 1st email of my password when creating the account, nor do I get the password-reset email. And not being able to sign in, that’s all my attempts.
  2. Note:
    1. So I tried as my email, and it seemed everything worked fine, so I will use that at least until this is fixed.
Apr 232012
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  1. Title:For OCAndroid hacking, attendees bring their extension of a preselected open-source program

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  3. Description

    1. TBA
  4. Some history

    1. I 1st proposed this idea during OCAndroid Developers Meetup (#49: pst2012.04.23Mon)
    2.  M3MGKL: Destiny made small improvements to this post: adding an ID plus heading formatting.