William R. Zwicky

I started posting here as a member and Assistant Organizer of OCAndroid, and this has now become my primary blogging site. Here are my profiles on: Meetup, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, SourceForge.

Oct 072016
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General Review

CamScanner is my favorite only compared to other apps. It missing a few things I would like, but generally produces better scans than any other app. Most apps I’ve tried have trouble when the lighting is not perfectly flat, which is disappointing as that sort of lighting is normal for a phone camera. CamScanner does the best job of compensating for this.

Other favorite feature is ability to scan multipage docs to PDF files. Other apps have this; I don’t remember how well they do it, but CS does it easily and well.

Documents are maintained in an internal database[……]MORE

Nov 152012
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In one episode of Family Guy, they made fun of the compliment sandwich.  Some time later, my friend asked for a critique of some writing, and I gave it to him. But he was then offended that I didn’t soften the critique with a compliment.  When I grilled him on it, I found out he was looking for a compliment sandwich.  Was he right?


Nov 082012

Android gadgets for TV are starting to come out. While using a touch-screen GUI on a non-touch TV is a little rough, reviewers seem to be very happy with the system. And TV-specific apps are starting to appear, especially XBMC.

The field is changing fast, and manufacturers want to be cheap, so every options will have some shortcomings, and every month or two a new option appears. So overall the field is very young, but the options available today work pretty well.

My favorite option would be the Ouya, but that won’t be out til April 2013, and there’s a good chance that when it c[……]MORE

May 262012
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I thought it would be cool to have my own robot on the moon.  But it turns out, the robot is the easy part.  Getting to the moon is the hard part.  But maybe if we’re willing to take it slow, we could do it much cheaper.  I envision five stages, each tuned for a specific part of the journey:

  1. Solar-powered airplane would go as high as it can.
  2. Standard jet engine would start building up speed at high altitude.
  3. Ramjet would give us very high speed at very high altitude.
  4. If necessary, a (hopefully small) rocket would get us completely out of the atmosphere.
  5. Once in full vacuum[……]MORE