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I started posting here as a member and Assistant Organizer of OCAndroid, and this has now become my primary blogging site. Here are my profiles on: Meetup, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, SourceForge.

May 262012
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I thought it would be cool to have my own robot on the moon.  But it turns out, the robot is the easy part.  Getting to the moon is the hard part.  But maybe if we’re willing to take it slow, we could do it much cheaper.  I envision five stages, each tuned for a specific part of the journey:

  1. Solar-powered airplane would go as high as it can.
  2. Standard jet engine would start building up speed at high altitude.
  3. Ramjet would give us very high speed at very high altitude.
  4. If necessary, a (hopefully small) rocket would get us completely out of the atmosphere.
  5. Once in full vacuum[……]MORE
Apr 172012
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M2N2C7 Version 1.3

There are a number of customer loyalty (punch card) type apps that have been developed right here in the Los Angeles area.

These are in development right now, coincidentally by members of OCAndroid.  If you need a custom punch card app, contact these people.

These are also available:



  1. NLT3WK:  section additi[……]MORE
Apr 172012

M2MZII Version 1.7

  1. M2OXUB: Title & URL: OCAndroid Developers Meetup (#48: 2012.04.16) minutes http://1.JotHere.com/2859#M2MZII
    1. M2OXUJ: exact scheduled time range: pst2012.04.16Mon1800-2200

Small[ this time ]but very informative.

Here’s some of what we discussed –also comment there & add more: simply create an account if you haven’t already –useful/essential to do in any case as OCAndroid is transitioning as much as possible off of Meetup and onto http://JotHere.com.