intentional change NMGAV4

  1. O2P7L5 concept is my own design as no familiar term I can think of but {notability is high} as per ‘intentional’, enables definition of  which has ‘  ‘usage’ .. high expected & so-far observed :O2P9H4’ it then the very common case of ‘doer NQ8CSR’ that’s doing it.
  2. O2P8MC ‘rendering anew’ ‘‘intentional change :NMGAV4’
  3. O2PACP ‘intentional’ word choice:
    1. O2PAE9 ‘intentional’ suggests conscious by the doer, but here the doer might not be conscious/self-aware where then it means {per its design} specifically {conscious by the doer’s creator}, repeating this exception until a creator who’s conscious-self-aware is reached.
      1. O2PAFX consequently, possible better choices
        1. O2PAH4 ‘as intended’
        2. O2PAHM ‘by design’
        3. O2PAHZ ‘as designed’
Apr 172016

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Apr 172016

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Mar 012016

O3BVTN: ‘-’

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NR4KV9 “intro & overall”

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Sep 252013

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