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Apr 292013



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  • M33YGV:title: LUMDBI Python (programming language) Syllabus

    • MM1IFV:LUMDBI is a system for at-your-own-pace, all-level, in-person group training (for potentially any classroom subject)
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May 022012



  1. M33YGV:Title: online- & higher-education groundbreakerannounced today: (edX=edXonline.Org=an organization of (MIT+Harvard+ideally more colleges) offering FREE to the world via the web (eventually all their courses, plus the software to teach&credential them, plus the usage data) and all in open-source. What will it mean?
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Mar 142012



Nov 132011

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(LUMDBI=an optimized agenda for in-person group teaching when (topic takes many cumulative sessions) and (students are at different skill levels & attend unpredictably)  )

  1. (LSZDEF Definition

    1. (LUMUOS=In short: an method for in-person group teaching which physically sorts the students by skill level in the topic according to a common text used by all students and where each student works on his/her own sequentially following the text except gets help generally provided by the student(s) just above him/her.  The time to setup this arrangement is then more than offset by numerous dramatic benefits as full freedom of attendance, complete self-pacing,  all-level teaching, plus high student collaboration where instead the students teach the subject to each other.)[……]MORE