NQ8DU1 ‘-’  ‘‘place’

  1. NYDMGS:  ‘‘name’ ‘anew’’ all ‘‘rendering’ ‘anew’’
    1. NYE31R:  ‘‘place’
    2. NYDOIT:  ‘‘location (position) NQ8DU1’’ –starting at time of name’s id
  2. NYDMJG:   ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’ for section /?&cat=607
  3. NYE36Z:  for all else, see /5138#NYDNSD
Oct 072015

NVTR95 “intro & overall”

  1. NVTRG0 ‘This {post & its comments}’s ‘TOU(Terms Of Use) including copyright ©, confidentiality/privacy, info’s allowed use’ is’s default TOU(Terms Of Use) except: none.
  2. test
    NVU9CH   a web browser’s tab’s window properly scrolled to & properly highlighting example URL

    NVTRGI post name:

    ‘‘opening, so web browsing to, ‘a more powerful URL’ used by better websites, especially to some content within a web page ’NVTR95

    1. NVTNHD   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start o[……]MORE
Feb 212011

LGUS4G: well-designed URL (aka URL structure, what WordPress calls Permalink type/structure), especially what a site (such a Web 2.0 site) can choose.

  1. LGUS6S: There are a wide variety of URL patterns one can choose from

    1. LGUS89: especially with Web 2.0 sites, where typically now the backend is a database not a file system.
    2. LGUS9T: WordPress Permalink type/structure plus gives an excellent example of the options available , and, impressively, WordPress even allows this (and subdomain/subfolders) to be changed on the fly.
  2. LGUSNB: URL components

    1. LGUSQC: Table
Feb 042011
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LG464P: :  (~50% complete)

  1. LG46H3: Web URLs being broken-else-repairable is a deep subtle problem that often is overlooked when one is first putting content up but can prevent that content from scaling as any change breaks too many links.
    1. LG46LZ: Many of my past websites grew to where one couldn’t move anything without all the existing links being broken, so even when it needed to be moved it wasn’t, else the maintenance of links became an overwhelming task, killing the scalability.
  2. LG48EX: Comparison of possible solutions :[……]MORE