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  1. M33YGV: Title:One’s romantic drawbacks, including mistakes, cost big, especially if a woman, so face them including (fix them else admit & discount-for them)

  2. M3KEH0: Definition

    1. M4NFASThe title aims to summarize it; see especially its links.

    2. M5B7FA: The short? The cost is serious so bottom line is face it and fix where possible and where not admit it and discount-for it.
    3. M5B7G[……]MORE

Apr 172012

M2LFF2 Version 1.0

  1. M2LFO6: Title & URL: Normal speed to correctly answer “Could s/he reliably turn me on sexually & how much?”: women: days-to-months, men: ~1 second
  2. M2LFYC: Thesis
  1. M2M4UD: What? See the title.
  2. M2M4VF: Why this is true?
  1. M2M4WW:  Logical.  The root motive of every evolutionary step: natural selection fitness or as I say, “What causes the maximum number of offspring (which also reproduce)”
  2. M2M4VZ: for men:
  1. M2M7NE: The get the maximum number of offspring (copies of himself), a man must know only a few very few[……]MORE
Apr 162012

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  1. M2LB7C: Title & URL: likely the biggest thing a woman needs to learn & accept when it comes to romance & sex
  2. M2LB8T: Answer: that, especially when it comes to romance & sex, men do NOT think & want like her, including normal & healthy men, yes including very-likely her men romances

    1.  M2L7EM: In other words, a woman, especially one seeking men in romance, needs to realize, likely above all else, that men generally do not think of & desire romance & sex as she probably does (and as women t[……]MORE