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Aug 122012
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M+W+M+W in heartM8M7RQ:romance-friends™ vs. polyamory: mostly commonality, difference is polyamory is starting to blossom but romance-friends is newer technology with notably better design & potential

  1. "BETTER WAY" arrow signM8M8YY:Differences: polyamory is starting to blossom but romance-friends™ is newer technology with notably better design & potential

    1. M8PJUZ:Overall difference (of romance-friends™-compared-to-polyamory): while notably younger & smaller, has much better design (including definition & especially foundation) directing it to do notably less-bad &a[……]MORE

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  1. M33YGV: Title:One’s romantic drawbacks, including mistakes, cost big, especially if a woman, so face them including (fix them else admit & discount-for them)

  2. M3KEH0: Definition

    1. M4NFASThe title aims to summarize it; see especially its links.

    2. M5B7FA: The short? The cost is serious so bottom line is face it and fix where possible and where not admit it and discount-for it.
    3. M5B7G[……]MORE

Apr 072012

M1WROM Version 0.4

  1. Title: dedicated romance-friends™ terms M1WROM
  2. definition:
  1. M1XEI5: How to describe & think-of this romantic relationship
  1. M1XF6I: when it’s possible to give a URL,
  1. M1XF7J: give the URL to the web page giving the present agreement between the parties involved.
  1. M1XFA4: Why? By design, this spells it out exactly and as best as possible.
  • M1XFFO: when one needs to immediately describe it,
    1. M1XFGN: Use the following wording, saying as much as can be included where truncating on-the-right:
    1. M1XFHX: “We a[……]MORE