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Jul 182012
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friends forever, forever friends: cat & dog comic M7DKYQ: CONSTRUCTING: A solution enabling most persons today to easily (have=find+start+manage) sufficient quality in-person interpersonal relationships, especially long-term, starting with romance

  1. M31R7G: Definition

    1. M6X45Y: What? See the title.

    2. M7DNH0: Some additional cool graphics

      1. M7DOGKhappy cat under sleeping dog ear
      2. M7DNI3Friends forever: cat on dog
    3. M7DLIF: All Further Details, including How (including how implemented & realized), When, and Name(s) for it, and Who involved

      1. M7E3KO: some more is To-Be-Announced in about (6 months=20[……]MORE

Jul 132012

M74GVV: CONSTRUCTING: How most women can have at least 1 stable man romance within 2 months if she just follows instructions, Money-Back Guarantee!

  1. M31R7G: Definition

    1. M6X45Y: What? See the title.

    2. M74H66: Full details TBA…!

      1. M74IQR: Why it will work? Women don’t realize it, but they have the power in romance, much more than men do. Why? In romance, men, not women, are the pursuers (with very little practical exception), and men are heavily driven and easily controlled via sex. Therefore most women who do just a few simple things ([……]MORE
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  1. M33YGV: Title:One’s romantic drawbacks, including mistakes, cost big, especially if a woman, so face them including (fix them else admit & discount-for them)

  2. M3KEH0: Definition

    1. M4NFASThe title aims to summarize it; see especially its links.

    2. M5B7FA: The short? The cost is serious so bottom line is face it and fix where possible and where not admit it and discount-for it.
    3. M5B7G[……]MORE

Apr 072012

M1WROM Version 0.4

  1. Title: dedicated romance-friends™ terms M1WROM
  2. definition:
  1. M1XEI5: How to describe & think-of this romantic relationship
  1. M1XF6I: when it’s possible to give a URL,
  1. M1XF7J: give the URL to the web page giving the present agreement between the parties involved.
  1. M1XFA4: Why? By design, this spells it out exactly and as best as possible.
  • M1XFFO: when one needs to immediately describe it,
    1. M1XFGN: Use the following wording, saying as much as can be included where truncating on-the-right:
    1. M1XFHX: “We a[……]MORE
    Jan 302012
    1. LYMPDL: On HBO-E Ch 501, ending at pst1230, I just saw portions of  His Way (2011), an bio on Jerry Weintraub, about which demonstrated the point of the title.
    1. LYMR94: Why I note this: an apparent successful example of Romance-Friends or polyamory or polygamy.
    2. LYMPOZ: Wife heavily controlled by telling Jerry that every bimbo he sleeps with he’d have to pay her $1 million.
    3. LYMRAP: Wife “I’m okay with that; I want you to be happy.” “I think I had a different view of how people should handle their marital relations than a lot of Americans do who haven’t experienced what I went[……]MORE