successful romance relationship of more than 2 LYMPK7

Apr 072012

M1WROM Version 0.4

  1. Title: dedicated romance-friends™ terms M1WROM
  2. definition:
  1. M1XEI5: How to describe & think-of this romantic relationship
  1. M1XF6I: when it’s possible to give a URL,
  1. M1XF7J: give the URL to the web page giving the present agreement between the parties involved.
  1. M1XFA4: Why? By design, this spells it out exactly and as best as possible.
  • M1XFFO: when one needs to immediately describe it,
    1. M1XFGN: Use the following wording, saying as much as can be included where truncating on-the-right:
    1. M1XFHX: “We a[……]MORE
    Jan 302012
    1. LYMPDL: On HBO-E Ch 501, ending at pst1230, I just saw portions of  His Way (2011), an bio on Jerry Weintraub, about which demonstrated the point of the title.
    1. LYMR94: Why I note this: an apparent successful example of Romance-Friends or polyamory or polygamy.
    2. LYMPOZ: Wife heavily controlled by telling Jerry that every bimbo he sleeps with he’d have to pay her $1 million.
    3. LYMRAP: Wife “I’m okay with that; I want you to be happy.” “I think I had a different view of how people should handle their marital relations than a lot of Americans do who haven’t experienced what I went[……]MORE