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Feb 172013

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Apr 262012

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  1. M33JBU: Title: conference series
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      1. LYHZDG: Typically at all times there is an IT lecture/session happening which is not-specifically-Microsoft (so on open source, Android, Linux, WordPress, Drupal, job finding, etc)
      1. LYI03T: Day 1/Sat ends with the famous Geek Dinner starting 6pm.
      2. LYI1C9: Day 2/Sun ends with the famous raffle.
      3. LYI0A2:  Recommended that you bring your laptop.
    2. LYI08XIf Meetup won’t allo[……]MORE
Jan 032012
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  1. LX2XL1=The conference would be better titled say “10th annual Southern CAlifornia Free Software and Open-Source Conference=SCAFSOSC10” (changes in italics)
    =The conference would be better titled say “10th annual Southern CAlifornia Free Software and Open-Source Conference=SCAFSOSC10” (changes in italics), as[……]MORE
Dec 312011
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    2. the title=our groups’ visit to SCALE10x
    3. LX26NU: “SCALE10x” is the official abbreviation for “10th annual Southern CAlifornia Linux Expo“.
      1. LXTXOE:  –a “fantastic event .. a convention of all things open source that keeps growing in size every yearsays William
      2. LY1L5X–a “community organized event” “celebrating its tenth year”, the largest-by-far open source software conference in Southe[……]MORE