1and1 N1Y5NH

Mar 042014

/*{N1ZRT7=on N1ZSSY copied from 3999.N14MKA.htm:*/
.N1A9WJ {
;float:right/*N1ZF3J: ideally replacing “margin-left”*/
;overflow-x:auto /*{Ignored aka does-nothing on a table; so must be placed on a container as div}{N1ZKOB: from “scroll” to “auto”*/
;max-width:100%/*N1ZQOU: add w/o this the float right/left will kill the over-flow-x scrolling, even though though with it floating object now will not go outside the present margins but that is not as bad as scroll bar not appearing especially as the indents are reduced*/
/* N1ZRL7: http://google.com/search?q=CSS+horizontal+scroll+ba[……]MORE