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Mar 012014



  1. N1S6HC For every Google Calendar entry especially if it’s being shared, in the Description field, put as the first line say: “In style[……]MORE
Feb 042012
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Version 0.5

  1. LYUSVT: The list:
    1. LYUMUS: PRO: Anyone can easily create their own calendar,
    1. LYUMW0: HUGE PRO: if using this calendar for their own calendar, the person can get notified of events by by having them appear on his/her calendar with a different color, MUCH more clean & non-disruptive than being constantly emailed individual events.
  2. LYUN02:  BIG PRO: Supports RSVPs of YES/NO/MAYBE and with reason.
  3. LYUN1S: BIG PRO: one of the top calendaring systems everywhere, that lots syncs with
  4. LYUMO3: BIG PRO: Immediately syncs (indeed is the same Calendaring system)[……]MORE