Samsung LSIW6A

company Samsung

Dec 282011

(~31% complete 1st draft) (LW1LW0=My phone LAGCEP disappears )

  1. (LW1RRQ=Starting 2010.09~ I got LAGCEP, my 1st Android phone, a Samsung Intercept from Virgin Mobile for just $25/mo with unlimited data+text + 300 min.  I set this up with which is overall awesome and allowing me to handle most voice calls from the computer also keeping my minute usage down.)
  2. (LW1RSI=On 2011.10 I placed on this phone a label saying “If found, call (my phone #) and leave message.”)
  3. (LW1RSV=On 2011.12.03(Sat)~ I noticed my cell phone disappeared. I[……]MORE
Oct 032011 offers one of the most interesting reports on Samsung’s recently-announced agreement to pay Microsoft for every Android phone it sells. The article reflects on implications for other Android device-makers and on another key Android-related lawsuit. Furthermore, comments from incensed readers go on for miles and can be enlightening. [……]MORE