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Sep 252012

business card MB77UA(MB77AR(MB71RS(v6,fr_MB5U4F).odt).pdf.Qty1).jpgMAWYZ1:Daily group-watch&discuss Showtime’s insightful hot reality show “POLYAMORY” Season 1, 2012.09.25-<=.10.04 in Tustin,central OC,CA,US


  1. MAYCNN:is currently being updated ~weekly so load/refresh it then. ID of last item is version ID.
    1. MEBXHQ:When?
      1. ME63C1:on 2012.11.23fri and 2012.11.24sat -see those links!
      2. ME643H:again some day(s) likely in 2012.12(Dec) or 2013.01(Jan) –check back here for latest details.
    2. ME6426:Where? Th[……]MORE
Aug 132012

Showtime logoM8QAW5Showtime Networks

  1. M31R7G:Definition

    1. M8QBS1:
    2. M72CMP:Notable: one of the top ~20 television producers & distributors in the world.
    3. M8QCYVOriginal shows/series
      1. M8QD24:See
      2. M8QCLP:In the romance sector, fair leading-edge & gutsy by developing & releasing major shows, most notably:
        1.  M8QCOZ:Queer as Folk (2000-2005, Drama)
        2. M8QCSM:The L Word (2004-2009, Drama)
        3. M8QCUH:”The Real L Word (June 20, 2010–present)”[……]MORE
Jul 112012

M70V44:The Series: Showtime‘s “POLYAMORY: MARRIED AND DATING”

    1. M72DPT:Brief synopsis:

      1. M85HRZ:Major TV network “Showtime‘s newest documentary reality series”[v@0:25] celebrating 2 successful, proud, & attractive polyamorous families in America right now; from Southern California, 
        1. M873FP:a San Diego family of 4 romant[……]MORE