military aka formal armed forces

NXZBQI ‘-’  ‘‘military aka formal armed forces’

  1. NXZC9U ‘per def’ ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
    1. NXZC7D -1  ‘1’
      1. NXZC11‘armed forces’
      2. NY0PUJ aka/equivalently
        1. NXZC1M {not ‘‘paramilitary’’} per ‘‘armed forces’#NXZBFT
        2. NY0PVK   ‘-’ formal
          1. NY104E ‘‘name’ ‘anew’’
            1. NY106M ‘formal’
              1. NY10IK rank from 2 to 1
              2. NY10BZ pro: picked by Wikipedia per #NY0ZSY
              3. NY10C6 con ‘formal’ (as per Oxford) has additional meanings besides ‘Officially sanctioned’ & others which could apply
            2. NY106S ‘normal’
              1. NY10DX idea & pick as of time of its id #NY106S
            3. NY106F ‘official’
              1. NY1087 con: once notified per #NY0ZJ6, paramilitary become ‘official’
    2. NXZBZW 0
      1. NXZABE ‘Wikipedia’
      2. NXZBX5 ‘maker’ none as generic
  2. NY0PYY ‘‘name’ ‘anew’’
    1. NY32TF ‘military aka formal armed forces’ –starting time of id NY0PZN
      1. NY0PZN ‘‘rendering’ ‘anew’’ ‘‘military aka formal armed forces’
      2. NY10LY pro: helps end the confusion & mistaken interchange between ‘military’ & ‘armed forces’ by implicitly featuring their relation
    2.  NXZC0J: ‘military’ ‘‘rendering’ ‘anew’’ ‘‘military’
  3. NXZBXS compared to ‘armed forces’: see  ‘‘armed forces’#NXZBC3
  4. NY1C60 annex