US.CA.OC Housing Authority

NWOLH2 ‘-’  ‘‘US.CA.OC Housing Authority’

  1. NXY1HX ‘per def’ ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
    1. NY3NVN -1 ‘1’
      1. NY3O7O‘US.CA.OC Community Services’
      2. NWOM3S ‘US {Section 8 (housing) aka HCV(Housing Choice Voucher)}’
        1. NX4EOO further discussion at /5141#NX4CYI
    2. NWOLJ0 0  ‘maker’ http://OCHousing.Org/
  2. NXY29H ‘‘name’ ‘anew’’
    1. NY1T8JUS.CA.OC Housing Authority’ ‘‘rendering’ ‘anew’’
      1. NXY46F‘US.CA.OC Housing Authority’
      2. NXY45P ‘US.CA.OC Housing Authority NWOLH2’ –starting at time of name’s id
    2. NY1T8S ‘OCHA’ used at and probably throughout make website.
  3. NY1SQI staff (from public records) by name: see #NY3NY7 (in parent)
Dec 112015

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