Solar Decathlon NWN82M

NWN82M:     –

  1. NWN8N9:  1st parent ‘US DOE(Department of Energy) NWN6ZT
  2.  NWN832:    2nd parent and {make in seemingly most everything but design} ‘NREL(National Renewable Energy Laboratory) NWN7WT 
    1. NWN88W:  per
    2. NWN89T:  per especially saying ‘since [the event’]s conception in 1999’ and ‘oversees the Solar Decathlon competition site setup and takedown, management of vehicles, and delivery of solar village infrastructure as well as staffing, safety, and security at the event’
  3. NWN83J:
  4. NWN8IQ:  official SolarDecathlon.Gov