LXYYC3: ‘-’ ‘‘1.JotHere.com’

  1. NXTJX5:   ‘‘name’ ‘anew’’ ‘1.JotHere.com’ ‘‘rendering’ ‘anew’’
    1. NXEI00:  ‘‘1.JotHere.com’
    2. NXTJXT:  ‘1.JotHere.com LXYYC3’ –start at time of id in name
  2. NXTL71:  ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
    1. NXTL79:  via ‘WordPress’ and its best extensions & techniques
      1. NXTLDX:  as that being, of {its kind: CMS}, the best popular open-source at the time of site creation
  3. NXTK2A:  ‘per def’ ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
    1. -1 ‘1’
    2. NXTK6E:  ‘maker’
      1. NXEI3G:  home page http://1.JotHere.com
      2. NXTK9X:  intro
        1. NXTKAD:  heading at the top of every page.
        2. NXTKBW:  commenting & posting start NTMDA0
        3. NXTKKU:  features NPTTGE
        4. NXTKOB:  original LL4DUN (to be moved)
Sep 032018
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PEGK9K:  1.JotHere.com: do all software updates due now: {WordPress 4.9.4->4.9.8 ‘:PEGKM0’}+‘‘Plugin’ updates: select all 7 :PEGLB2’+‘‘Theme’ updat[……]

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Aug 012017

OMQ9KU: text processing including editing/editor ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :http://1.JotHere.com/5910#OMQ9KU

  1. ‘section’
    1. ‘‘‘Prett[……]

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Feb 052017

OKV8XZ:  SimulSquad™ rules for storage, interaction, collaboration, & especially creation-ownership, ‘‘especially what I need to know’&#x21[……]

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Oct 152015

NW2RVH:  {business card aka bcard} or {visiting card} ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :http://1.JotHere.com/5065#NW2RVH

  1. ‘section’
    1. ‘‘‘[……]

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