1.JotHere.com admin

LFNIZ6: ‘-’

  1. NXTBLV:  ‘‘name’ ‘anew’’
    1. NXTE8B:  ‘1.JotHere.com admin
      1. NXTEKH:  ‘‘rendering’ ‘anew’’ ‘‘1.JotHere.com admin’
    2. NXTBPR:  ‘this site’s’ admin’ –starting at time of #NQ9QC0
      1. NXTBD8:  ‘‘rendering’ ‘anew’’
        1. NXTBHV:  ‘‘this site’s admin’
        2. NQ9QC0:  ‘this site’s admin LFNIZ6’
    3. NXT9LU:  ‘admin ‘of this site’ LFNIZ6’ –some time before
      1.  NXT9PX:  ‘replacement’ #NXTBPR
      2.  NXTBE8:  ‘‘rendering’ ‘anew’’ ‘‘admin of of this site LFNIZ6’’
  2. ‘per def’ ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’ -1 ‘1’
Feb 082014


Jan 202014
  1. MZPW16:  And for safety, did 2 full-site git backups via .backup_MVNM27/do1_MVNMA1.bash adjacent-surrounding these changes:
    1. before/prior q(MZOR[……]

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