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Sep 032018
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PEGK9K: do all software updates due now: {WordPress 4.9.4->4.9.8 ‘:PEGKM0’}+‘‘Plugin’ updates: select all 7 :PEGLB2’+‘‘Theme’ updates: select all 9 :PEGLFW’ :PEGK9K

  1.  PEGKCK:  so category ‘this site’s backup-then-Update NQ959D’
  2. PEGKCX:  motivated by from biggest
    1.  PEGKGN:  {‘pretty links’  ‘bug: for ‘target URL: some not all :PEEMJ6’, will say it succeeds but nothing created :PEEMHZ’} plus ‘Pretty Link You have version 2.0.8 installed. Update to 2.1.7. View version 2.1.7 details.’ per PEGJYF
    2. PEGKM0:  now ‘WordPress 4.9.4 running Suffusion theme.’ but u[……]MORE
Dec 112015
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NZ464Q ‘-’

  1. NYM1X1 ‘This {post & its comments}’s ‘TOU(Terms Of Use) including copyright ©, confidentiality/privacy, info’s allowed use’ is’s default TOU(Terms Of Use) except: none.
  2. NZ23L1 ‘completeness stage’ CONSTRUCTING…done.
  3. NZ3GR7 ‘name anew’
    1. .

      NZ471F ‘‘’ ‘NZ450V: ‘Database Update Required’’ then all 6 ‘NZ46GI: ‘Updates’’ :NZ464Q

  4. NYM1YF To reply & discuss, please use’s default methods (click) except: none.
  5. NYMMA7 remaining sections ‘definition’ + ‘post history addition[……]MORE
Nov 152015


  1. NXVC9L:  backup: can’t readily do due to /4697#NPQZ60 so skip.
  2. NXVCGF:
    1. NXVCJ6:  page says ‘Last checked on UTC 2015.11.15Sun at 18:16.   Check Again

      Important: before updating, please back up your database and files. For help with updates, visit the Updating WordPress Codex page.

      An updated version of WordPress is available.

      While your site is being updated, it will be in maintenance m[……]MORE

Apr 092015


  1. NMKEPP: is reporting “WordPress 4.1 running Suffusion theme.” and “WordPress 4.1.1 is available! Please update now.” and “Updates 21”
    1. NMKESN:  I intend to do that & document this in this post.
  2. NQ93MP:  post history in order happened
    1. NMKHKW: NMKHKW: all seems complete & went very smoothly; publish 1 now pst2015.04.09Thu1832pst~
    2. NMLNMQ:  NMLNMQ: publish 2 now pst2015.04.10Fri0940pst~
    3. NORBU4:  now doing next doing of this , using this post as template, and propagating back easy updates:
      1. NORBVT:  here updat[……]MORE
Jan 162015
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  1. NI9HMH:  click
    1. NI9HMH:  content, quote:

      WordPress Updates

      Last checked on PST2015.01.16Fri at 00:42.   Check Again

      You have the latest version of WordPress.

      • If you need to re-install version 4.1, you can do so here or download the package and re-install manually:
         Download 4.1


      The following plugins have new versions available. Check the ones you want to update and then click “Update Plugins”.

      Select All
      Select All
      Are You a Human
      You have version 1.4.10 install[……]MORE
Feb 262014

N1M8WG:  “ : new “version N1EHUT(2014.02,alpha-release)” then full backup then “WordPress 3.8.1 is available! Please update now.” ”

  1. N1M94M:  2014.02.22Sat: new version, specifically did quote(
    N1EH5L General click
    N1EH63 plus Lucy’s reorder comment Tagline WordPress+great Extensions) version MZRC0L(2014.01.21,alpha-phase): a free wiki, with nested comments, for everyone’s original & accurate writings on any topic —a f[……]MORE
Feb 082014


Jan 242013

MH5LZR: has 13 updates, including WordPress 3.5.1: all done.

  1. MH5M7F: This site’s WordPress version is 3.5 says
    1. MH5LZZ: Saw alert “WordPress 3.5.1 is available! Please update now.”
    2. MH5M2O:The HTML anchor corruption caused by the new editor in WP 3.5.0 is terrible, so anxious to rid it, and hopefully this will fix it.
    3. MH5MB8:Click “Update now”;
      1. MH5MGT:get successful including telling new features & most notably  http://codex.w[……]MORE
Dec 172012

MBVO6G:. http://2.LoveRules.Info backup via

  1. MBVO6Z: Limited backup options to those on this was highest rated of 2:


    Uploads, themes, plugins, and your DB can be automatically backed up to Amazon S3, Google Drive, FTP, or emailed. Files and DB can be on separate sche

    • Version 0.8.37
    • Updated 2012-10-12
    • Downloads 3,684
    • Average Rating
      5 stars
    1. MBW7Y4:[……]MORE
Sep 282012
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  1. MB2F4O:  About to make changes (CSS) to the theme & so do any updates it needs first.
  2. MB2F1I: Displays
    WordPress Updates

    Last checked on PDT2012.09.28Fri at 07:52.   Check Again

    You have the latest version of WordPress.

    • You have the latest version of WordPress. You do not need to update. However, if you want to re-install version 3.4.2, you can do so automatically or download the package and re-install manually:
       Download 3.4.2

    While your site is being updated, it will be in maintenance mode.[……]MORE