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Mar 222014
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.N2V8R4 /*N2V8U9: quoting :*/ td
_max-width: 20em/*N2V9Y4=20% is ignored here; and omitting this setting also fails as col-tag isnt powerful enough in raw Chrome browse but NOT within theme */;
overflow-x: auto;
_text-overflow: ellipsis;
_white-space: nowrap;


Apr 262012

M33WWJ Version 1.1

  1. Title: WordPress bug: when a user is logged in, (the status bar at the top of the user’s window) covers the first line(s) of what the user just (opened via a URL with an anchor scrolling the window to that point on the page)
  2. URL:
Mar 202011

(under construction, latest source in file 364)

  • LIBKJS: LIBKJS: doing change LIBJ21=doing change /321#LIBJ21 :
    1. LIBK08: request it and got “should take effect within 5-10 minutes”
    2. LIBKMB: =MB: (20110319­utc192523) is giving me:

      Domain Cloaking Error

      We’re sorry, we had a problem with our web panel when you set up cloaking for your domain!

      Please go to the DreamHost Web Panel’s Domains > Manage Domains area and click the [Edit] link next to to re-configure cloaking.

      Error: no domain — if you recently s[……]MORE