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Apr 112015


  1. NMM819:  now create this post via copy (latest) to new draft then edit to fit
  2. NMM84A:  title
    1. NMM84L: catchpa system: creating it
  3. NMM87F:  formerly
    1. NMM87T: selected & installed but not activated as I recall it requires registration {which would take a little time}
    2.  NMM9ZG:  a real ongoing problem: as seems typical, since 2015.04.01 (9.5 days) got 62+61+61+54 site registrations, or 25/day, and I guestimate 99% are spam.
    3. NMNVVS:  huge spam user qty: now have “Subscriber (29,473)”  and seemingly[……]MORE
Oct 222013
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  1. MTZCDW:  On our site, as far as new user registrations go, instead of the usual of ~1 every week  or so, starting 2013.09.23 we’ve been getting 61 (or twice that)!
    1. MTZCQF:  Searching our gmail inbox for “New User Registration” gives quote:
      More   1–20 of about 130
      WordPress (30) Inbox   [ version 0.51 –Got a thought? Jot it Here!™] New User Registration – New user registration on your site version 0.51 –Got a thought? Jot it Here!™: Username: OlgaWirtzyhuo   12:48 am
      WordPress (61) Inbox   [ version 0.51 –Got a thought? Jot it Her[……]MORE
Oct 282012
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MCM0PK “Hold a comment in the queue if it contains _ or more links. (A common characteristic of comment spam is a large number of hyperlinks.)” changes

  1. MCM0QE:This setting defaults to 2.
  2. See comments for details
Mar 242012
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Version 1.0

  1. M1ELNBHere says his site now has 857 pending posts and
  1. M1EMGG: about pages 33/43 of them are all modified (so start?) since “2012/03/22” (about 1.5 days ago), so the site is being flooded with pending-posts,.
  2. M1EO5U: Regarding the posts from the totally unknown, most, maybe all, seem to be to push an off-site URL at the end of the article: thus spam.
  3. M1EMGY: Which users are involved and how much? Sorting by author to get the counts for each, then resorting by decreasing quantity: And unless mentioned, these users are totally unknown.
  1. M1EN9J:  529=11+25*2[……]MORE
Feb 052011


  1. N10F0K Title
    1. N10F11 was q( but that out of date as of 2014.01 so to present
  2. LG4BF5 In in  “Sidebar 1” a
    1. LG4RLA When this is empty (as it was) a default set of widgets is & were loaded, which were roughly from memory:
      1. Categories
      2. Links
      3. Recent Posts?
      4. Meta
    2. LG4SA5 Added this collection of widgets, in order: [……]MORE