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  1. NV18AU:  definition: for ‘x.JotHere.com’ where x is an integer  greater than 1, so to-be-better than 1.JotHere.com LXYYC3 so typically to-be-better than WordPress.
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Sep 222015

NV03AZ    “intro & overall”

  1. NV03JK ‘This {post & its comments}’s ‘TOU(Terms Of Use) including copyright ©, confidentiality/privacy, info’s allowed use’ is JotHere.com’s default TOU(Terms Of Use) except: none.
  2. NUPB3T   image TBA…

    NV03K2  post name:

    ‘‘content revisioning/versioning on 1.JotHere.com, so especially on WordPress with what plugins to fix ’NV03AZ

    1. NV03P0  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
      1. NV1WOT   now to next: present,  to make clear the important point that article also applies to a wider audience (WordPress) and exp[……]MORE
Mar 262011

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/*LI39IH: (div)*/.CSS_statements_LI39IH{/* LI39VK: */background:aqua;/**/}

/*LI3EYT: (col)*/.ID_n_Links_LI3EYT{/* LI3F0N: */width:4em;/**/}

/*LI3MSH: (col)*/.Parents_LI3MSH{/* LI3MUJ: */width:3em;/**/}

/*LI3KKP: (col)*/.Definition_LI3KKP{/* LI3KM8: */width:18em;/**/}

/*LI38M6: */.Importance_LI1JBB{/* LI38RI: */width:20em;/**/}

.Column_CSS_LI36Z9{/* LI37GE: */width:12em;/**/}
.auto-style4 {
text-decoration: line-through;

LIF7T1: &nbsp[……]MORE

Mar 232011

LIF5BS:  (under construction; ~15% complete) 

  1. LIF5LC:  Intro

    1. LIF5R7:  This to be the leading repository for table definition & constructs used on JotHere.com.
    2. LIF5ST:  It aims to include the following:
      1. LIF5TA:  Component definitions, including
        1. LIF5XT:  Columns
        2. LIF5V7:  CSS code
      2. LIF5TK:  Table definitions (which are chiefly collections of the above)
      3. LIF605:  It draws upon & (may become the future home of) my other leading table work including
        1. LIF62A:  term_etal_LF7LKL
        2. LIF6AE: =6AEKM37RH/_self_KY9VY8/history_KY9V40/L02F67.ods
        3. LIF7RW:  KM37RH/style_KMW0XW/template/table/_KZQ0N7.htm
    3. LIF5YP:  It is quite possible because of the extent of coverage this will need to be broken into sub-posts.
  2. [……]MORE

Mar 192011

LI5ANZ:  :

  1. LI70DG:
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    Host your writings here for free!


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    LHBPKA: So what’s JotHere.com? (Features & Uniqueness)

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