>1.JotHere.com NV185U –USE 2+.JotHere.com LZTI48

NV185U:  –

  1. NVAIV6:  from post http://1.jothere.com/861#LZSB0A , rediscovered 2+.JotHere.com LZTI48 which, compared to this, existed before and covered the same topic, so {merge this into aka replace this with} there, specifically:
    1. NVAIYQ:  parent from JotHere.com LXK5GC to there
    2. NVAJ0U:  all non-immediate content so including posts & def NV18AU moved to content including posts &moved to there
    3. NVAJ3U:  name from ‘>1.JotHere.com NV185U’ to present