JotHere logo LY0CIA

Jan 202012
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  1. LY3EUH:  For portable and small & scalable logo file, want to move from Photoshop to SVG, notably via popular open source editor InkScape.
  2. LY3EW6:  As starter image, find a computer keyboard key svg.
  1. LY3EYH:  Eventually pick
  • LY3EYS:   In Inkscape, create  LY3DD4().svg
    1. LY3FR6:  Found out that
    1. Inkscape does save the the individual letters of a text string put into it
    2. The text string put into Inkscape can’t be found in the source file by normal search (however Inkscape can extract & reedit i[……]MORE
    Jan 162012
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    Considering options for a logo, the first thing that comes to mind is the now well-established trend to have a very small “bug” for such sites, usually square in shape. Think Facebook and Twitter. So how about a “J”? Is “J” already taken?

    Indeed it is, we learned, although that won’t stop us.

    We found a New York Times article in the “Media Decoder” column of their Media & Advertising section titled “Online Sharing: The Why, What and When of 2011.” Author Jennifer Preston cites the research of Clearspring’s AddThis, “which provides sharing tools and analytics on 1[……]MORE