Jul 112012

M70V44:The Series: Showtime‘s “POLYAMORY: MARRIED AND DATING”

    1. M72DPT:Brief synopsis:

      1. M85HRZ:Major TV network “Showtime‘s newest documentary reality series”[v@0:25] celebrating 2 successful, proud, & attractive polyamorous families in America right now; from Southern California, 
        1. M873FP:a San Diego family of 4 romant[……]MORE
Jan 282011

LFQNXK: Carpooling for

Late Night Storytime for Adults – PJ Party and Erotica
[of’s] Better Sex
Friday Jan 28, 8:30 PM at Private in Capistrano Beach, CA
Sex Gods and Goddesses going, 1 spot left
  1. LFR18M: Hey, realize no one asked for this, but I’m passionate about really being Green and saving resources, and especially once I saw that many attendees will be driving a long way to to get to this event, some up to 3 hours each way, well I thought I could do something which could benefit the group, truly help us all get to know each other better & have so[……]MORE