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Dec 032015


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Feb 172013

;margin-top:0 !important/*N0RE56=undo N0O6M4*/
table#N15245 tr img {
/* ;border-width : 0px */
;max-height: 130px; max-width: 130px
;width:100px; height:100px;
.N1A9WJ {/*CSS class for wide objects */
;float:right/*N1ZF3J: ideally replacing “margin-left”*/
;overflow-x:auto /*{Ignored aka does-nothing on a table; so must be placed on a container as div}{N1ZKOB: from “scroll” to “auto”*/
;max-width:100%/*N1ZQOU: add w/o this the float right/left will kill the over-flow-x scrolling, even though though with it floating object now[……]MORE