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Feb 082011

LEVV22: On Meetup, etiquette & things-to-know, especially when RSVPing LEVV22 updated 2011.09.10pst2040

  1. LEXLUA: Beginner-level

    1. as some aspects of an event listing are still messed up by event “expert”

      1. The short answer here is easily NOT all who “Who’s coming” to this event (rather a very small subset), so if this list would ever stop you from co[……]MORE
Jan 282011

LFQNXK: Carpooling for

Late Night Storytime for Adults – PJ Party and Erotica
[of’s] Better Sex
Friday Jan 28, 8:30 PM at Private in Capistrano Beach, CA
Sex Gods and Goddesses going, 1 spot left
  1. LFR18M: Hey, realize no one asked for this, but I’m passionate about really being Green and saving resources, and especially once I saw that many attendees will be driving a long way to to get to this event, some up to 3 hours each way, well I thought I could do something which could benefit the group, truly help us all get to know each other better & have so[……]MORE