NMG4O2 ‘-’ ‘‘resource’

  1. NZM9WJ ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
    1. NZMANH means
      1. NZMANX –my generalization of ‘available means’ from current
    2. NZMA43 to cause {change, typically benefit, typically to its user}
      1. NZMA2H –my generalization of ‘from which benefit is produced’ from current NMG4RQ
      2. NZMATZ –not just ‘benefit’ but ‘change, typically benefit’ as includes frequent & always negatives as ‘virus’, ‘bomb’, etc.
    3. NZM9WX ‘source or supply’
      1. NZMA6M –from current NMG4RQ
      2. NZMAGE –I don’t like so I don’t use
  2. NZM9AW ‘per def’ ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
    1. NZM9AL -1~
      1. NZMAYV is not obvious to me.
      2. NZM986  ‘1’ ‘structure NMEBJG
        1. NMG4T3 as a resource, by is definition, can be seen as a structuring (of the state of affairs) typically done by something external to oneself, however there may be a better choice of parent.
    2. NZM9A8 0
      1. NMG4RQ ‘Wikipedia’
      2. NZMB4G ‘maker’ none as generic
    3. NZM9BN 1~
      1. NZM9CX  ‘1’ ‘commodity NMG4Z1
      2. NZMTTC tangibility
        1. NZM9G7  ‘1’ {‘intangible resource NMG5MX’ + ‘pseudotangible resource NMG6VL’ + tangible resource NMG668}
        2. NZMTV3 transferability: {every resource except no ‘intangible resource NMG5MX’} can be transferred, so traded
          1. NZMU0X per maximally generalizing ‘Intangible goods differ from services in that final (intangible) goods are transferable and can be traded, whereas a service cannot.’ of good types NZMH7J
        3. NMG5NG some distinction & popular examples (except “service” & pseudotangible) given examples given by
  3. NZM9P7 ‘name anew’ ‘resource’ ‘rendering anew’
    1. NZM9RD‘resource’
    2. NZM9QD ‘resource NMG4O2’ –starting at time of its id
  4. ‘compared to’
  5.  annex
Aug 012017

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Aug 012017

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Feb 052017

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Jan 182017

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