(definition LG5DEF) of (definition LG5DEF) LG5QVP

Oct 292015

NWYUYU ‘intro & overall’

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    ‘‘constructing: {‘NOLDef’ {‘weighted graph’ & related}} ‘in ‘NOLDef’’ ’NWYUYU

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      1. NXKHDI present
        1. NXKHFI follow /4670#NXK0JA plus fix the link
      2. NX2XMJ ‘‘constructing‘‘‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ ..’..’’ of {‘NOLDef’ {‘weighted graph’ & related}[……]MORE
Feb 052011

LG5P98: :

  1. LG5PBC: What is it?

    1. LG5PC9: To organize Having post(s) to explicitly define a WordPress category, this is a “meta”-category where:
      1. LG5Q7U: for each post which defines category(s)
        1. LG5QBS: for each category which a post defines,
          1. LG5QG3: the post is placed in a immediate subcategory (of that that category) named “(definition LG5DEF)  of <parent/> <a universal ID/>”[……]MORE
Feb 022011

Google Image Search(Meetup) image 1 size 320 × 237LT2CVS:  http://1.JotHere.com/54#LT2CVS

  1. post
    1. M33YGV:title: Meetup.com
  2. LT2CX2:an online social networking portal that facilitates offline group meetings in various localities around the world.” as defined by:
    1. MJOCK6:Custom defs:
      1. MJO2JH:  What’s Meetup? MHRIA1 -short & sweet
      2. MJO73Q:  New to Meetup LTDSHF
        1. MJOBFR: to use that link, you’ll need to follow this procedure then including if you’re a member, clicking “About us” before page searching.
        2. MJOBQ9: so quoted from present latest version to here convenience, quote:
          LTDSHF: a great intro to Meetup. New[……]MORE