Dec 102015

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Dec 022015

NYA9XX: ‘‘ JavaScript’ overall ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :

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Jul 032015

NQVDRD:   “intro & overall”

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Mar 272012

M1KK4H Version 1.0

  1. M1KK60: Title: apps (webmobile, & native) in JavaScript+HTML+CSS
  2. M1KLAV: Originally if 1 wanted to develop an app, one had to pick a language for each type of platform it was to run on:
  1. M1KLC9: For the increasingly popular web browser, the only choices were:
  1. M1KLDG:  HTML+CSS plus JavaScript and/or (rather weird & limited) XSLT
  2. M1KLYC: Limited Java if using GWT which is complex & requires another level of compilation.
  • M1KLER: For the big-3 desktop environments, the big choices were
    1. M1KLG4: In pow[……]MORE