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{NPE1F7 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SQL {}NPE1F7}

Jun 032015

NPBXS5:   “intro & overall”

  1. NPBXSE:  “The “terms of use” of {this post & its comments, including the privacy & confidentiality of it plus all knowledge obtained from it} is JotHere’s standard Terms of Use except:
    1. NPBXSP:   none.
  2.   “post image” TBA
  3.   NPBXTC:  “post name history in reverse start-order”
    1. NPBXZM:  now originally to next: “SQL stumbling points, by DestinyArchitect
    2. NPE1M3:  “per post name, add post to categories”
      1. NPE1MM:  ‘SQL NPE1F6
      2. NPE1MU:  ‘DestinyArchitect creation N0L9VW’
  4. NPBY5E:  recursion
    1. NPBYKP:  overall
      1.  N[……]MORE