service via Internet to share file/folder peer-to-peer

O2NLS7 ‘-’‘service via Internet to share file/folder peer-to-peer’

  1. O2NM5H ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
    1. O2NN2D ‘service via Internet to share file/folder’
    2. O2NN2N ‘using peer-to-peer (P2P) networking technology’ (to share it), in contrast to notably ‘‘service via Internet to host file/folder’
  2. ‘per def’
    1. ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
      1.  -1~ ‘1’
      2. 0
        1. O2NM37 ‘Wikipedia’
          1. O2NM3J intro ‘mis-assumes file/folders are ‘read-only :O2NMA4’ in all cases :O2NMO5’ :O2NM3J
      3. near 0
      4.  1~  ‘1’ (example instances)
    2. ‘compared to’ {..},
      1. has ‘notable pros thru cons’
  3. ‘name anew’
    1. O2NNA9‘service via Internet to share file/folder’ ‘peer-to-peer’
      1. O2NNBZ ‘rendering anew’ ‘‘service via Internet to share file/folder peer-to-peer’
      2.  meaning
        1. originally
        2.  has been IMHO mistakenly gradually expanded ..
    2. template: uuid ‘NZRevw
      1.  –from replacing last characters of its id with CamelCase ‘Revw’ short for #NZRQJ3
      2.  is desirable because ‘‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’ :..’ I invented having never heard of it.
  4. O2NMCG file/folder edit-ability
    1. O2NMDA achieving it is highly complex due to peer-to-peer :O2NMDA
      1. O2NMEN indeed normally {problematic as weak functionality & slow}
        1. O2NMGR as ‘third generation .. like Freenet*
      2. O2NN00 so is rare
    2. O2NMA4 none so read-only :O2NMA4
      1. O2NMQO including (in seemingly all cases) file/folders cannot be removed in practice, except by they becoming so unpopular that virtually nobody has saved them
      2. O2NMAI (read-only) is about 98% of the cases given O2NMDA :O2NMAI
        1. O2NMO5 so is often people mis-assumes file/folders are ‘read-only :O2NMA4’ in all cases :O2NMO5
          1. O2NNP5 as notable example O2NM3J
      3. O2NNK5 about 95% cases here is ‘the BitTorrent protocol’
  5. annex

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