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Mar 052012

Version 1.2

  1. Definition:

  1. M0FHS0: These points here are essential but not obvious and often not easy, which is another serious bug.

  2. M0FM4V: Dealing with email from

  1. M0FI33: Know effectively spams every member (who belongs at least 1 group  holding regular events) with mostly unimportant email (especially numerous instant reminders & updates on every event of every group, even if you’re not interested), making the few important emails very easy to miss.

  1. M0FMMZ: And generally doesn’t allow you to on Meetup.[……]MORE

Sep 142011
Make sure your “Communication settings” are turned “ON” in each Meetup group you belong to, initially & periodically LRJGGC updated 2011.09.15pst1328 (76% complete 1st draft & used in production)
  1. This is mentioned in your group welcome message which your group should have emailed you when you joined.

    Currently this covers the matter in with key additional detail (“going to” also to ON) but soon the welcome message will link to here.
  2. When you join any group and every few months (esp if you missed some updates),
    open your “Communication settings” for your Meetup group, as open if you belong to, and insure all entries there are marked YES (meaning: ‘yes, email me notification’), most especially:[……]MORE