post or message NMESUI

NQZG2F:  name
‘posting/messaging NMESUI’
NQZG3G:  probably originally & until now

‘post or message NMESUI’
NQZG3G:  starting now

NQZFZF:  parent
NQZHJ2:  “media M4P7K7”
NQZH5A:  at NMFZQ4, fr #1 to none.

NQZG21:  ‘communication LRCGCO’
NMFZQ4:  fr none to #1
 NQZHF9:  at  NQZFZQ, fr #1 to none

NQZHJE:  ‘document NQZCZH
NQZFZQ: fr none to #1

Apr 062015

NMCVE8   intro & overall

  1. NMCVEL   title history in reverse start-order:
    1. NMCW8I    now: “

      best/proper discussion thread creation & other-management for common email/messaging & posting systems

      –broadened the topic

    2. NMCVEX   originally to next: “best titling of discussion threads starting with email/message-system Subject naming”  —
  2.  image: TBA
  3.  NMEOUM  What to do

    1. NMEOUZ   Follow the rules
  4. NMCWZH   pros thru cons (of doing the rules, especially “get right from the start the thread’s subject and, where applicable, its location”)

    1. NMDIC[……]MORE
Mar 302015

NEFI64  intro & overall

  1.  NEFIAE  title history in reverse start-order:
    1. NQU9JW:

      NERsvp: policy for RSVPs, attendance, & general participation at events listed on {Meetup & potentially elsewhere}, starting 2014.10

      1. NQUI5G:  more accurate including added ‘, attendance, & general participation ’
      2. NQUIDH:  made clearer by wording to to make the prepositions expicit.
    2. NM1YM2  “
      NERsvp (a 2014.10- RSVP POLICY for Meetup events & potentially more)”–replacing “heading:” with present; new punctuation; key caps; keyword links: 0 to 4; new “for” phrasing.
    3. [……]MORE

Mar 232015

NLOW5O  “intro & overall”

  1. NQQOMD  “The “terms of use” of {this post & its comments, including the privacy & confidentiality of it plus all knowledge obtained from it} is JotHere’s standard Terms of Use except:
    1. NQQON7   none; feel free to share the URLs to this post.
  2. NLOXDP  113301662: (aside: start of previously post 1 last edited “Apr 1, 2014 9:22 AM”)
  3. “post image” TBA
  4. NLOXDX   “post name history in reverse start-order”
    1. NM1F81  “

      ‘Everyone, including on Meetup, please POST often & properly, especially INSTEAD OF DOING calls & especially mes[……]MORE

Apr 282014
  1. MO3B4H URL(s) from most preferred: 
    N4VAFC section history in REVERSE order:

    1. N4WGD1 changed fr(URL(s)) to w/link.
    2. N4VC65 until now was just q(URL(s):)
    3. N4VC3Q 20min ago, added region urls_N4V8U8
    1. N4E5DO
  2. N4VQAY Per right-column, post updates:
    see last entry of history for version ID & date.
  3. N4VAFC section history in order:

    1. N4VAAL until now was q(Access: ) with default value q(public)
    2. N4VQV7 replaced from q(terms-of-use including copyright: JotHere’s except:) to present[……]MORE
Sep 182013
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  1. MTBCWJ:  Links
    1. MTBCJL:
      1. MTBY79:  clicked on this link in the search results in an icognito window
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    1. MTBCQ1:  added 3 links, to respond to query MTAR39.
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May 012013



Apr 142013



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Feb 112012


  1. NLZCUW  title history in reverse start-order:
    1. NLZCYR   now “

      repetition/repeating: as much as practical, really minimize it and make it obvious (what copied/converted from & to where & how) and automate it

      1. NLZDGF  –as this is much more accurate & clearer plus now includes the links to subtopics.
    2. NLZCXF   at 1st publish, “repetition: absolutely-minimize it else make it automated else blatant”
  2. NLZD02   URL(s)
    1. LXZ8S7
    2. NLZDLP
  3. NLZDPV   Why[……]MORE

Jan 182012

Version 1.2

  1. LXYHHXwhen communicating with anyone in writing, especially when working with them (be it a date or a job), these rules
    1. LXZMDA: –I feel are just respectful logical common sense, so
      1. LXZMAZI follow (them )religiously
      2. LXZMFGand I would every other person would also do the same,
        1. LXZMPM: but since people often don’t (either being not respectful or having different ideas or (most likely) not yet realizing & internalizing the importance this stuff), I spelled them out.  
  2. LXZM73from most to least essential (though all are important):