post or message NMESUI

NQZG2F:  name
‘posting/messaging NMESUI’
NQZG3G:  probably originally & until now

‘post or message NMESUI’
NQZG3G:  starting now

NQZFZF:  parent
NQZHJ2:  “media M4P7K7”
NQZH5A:  at NMFZQ4, fr #1 to none.

NQZG21:  ‘communication LRCGCO’
NMFZQ4:  fr none to #1
 NQZHF9:  at  NQZFZQ, fr #1 to none

NQZHJE:  ‘document NQZCZH
NQZFZQ: fr none to #1

Sep 102011

LRBF47 Communicating in the Best Location, especially with

  1. This is the communication part of the intermediate level of On Meetup, etiquette & things-to-know, especially when RSVPing LEVV22

    –see that for more essential guidelines & rules.

  2. In communicating, where you communicate is King, so notably for most anything involving multiple people (groups & organizations & announcements more), you should (communicate foremost by appropriate posting)LRBX9W in-place-of private & direct messages & calls & talk.