post (publishing) LXYYH2

NQZHRP:  definition
NQZHS7:  the normal defintiion as #NQZDJI generalized for elecronic & paper & other media  (plus non-fiction & fiction)
NQZDJI: meaning ‘Post, an entry in a blog or internet forum’ (formerly NMET8X)

NQZHWY:  name
NQZHXH:  ‘posting LXYYH2’
NQZHY9:  currently until next

NQZHYR:  ‘post (publishing) LXYYH2’
NQZI0A:  more general than -ing form
NQZI0P:  now to TBA.

Mar 232015

NLOW5O  “intro & overall”

  1. NQQOMD  “The “terms of use” of {this post & its comments, including the privacy & confidentiality of it plus[……]

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Feb 112012


  1. NLZCUW  title history in reverse start-order:
    1. NLZCYR   now “

      repetition/repeating: as much as practical, really minimize it and make i[……]

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Jan 182012

Version 1.2

  1. LXYHHXwhen communicating with anyone in writing, especially when working with them (be it a date or a job), these rules
    1. LXZMDA: [……]

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Sep 102011

LRBF47 Communicating in the Best Location, especially with

  1. This is the communication part of the intermediate level of On Meetup, etiquette & things-to-know, especially when RSVPing LEVV22

    –see that for more essential guidelines & rules.

  2. In communicating, where you communicate is King, so notably for most anything involving multiple people (groups & organizations & announcements more), you should (communicate foremost by appropriate posting)LRBX9W in-place-of private & direct messages & calls & talk.


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