Apache Subversion LXV91R

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Jan 152012
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version 1.0

  1. LXV7J7: See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apache_Subversion
  2. LXV9CS:  Broad peer category: “software versioning and a revision control system”
  1. LXV9J1: This intro does not assume the reader even knows this category but does assume the reader knows about web browsing & general management of files & folders in a computer.
  • LXV7QQ: It’s pros thru cons among its broad peer category,
    1. LXV7RB: HUGE PRO: Open source, key to insuring ones data is safe over the long term.
    2. LXV7SF: VERY BIG PRO: Apparently the #1 tried & true choice for general open-source[……]MORE