name N0PUPO

{NQBRR5 Parent{
{NQBRR6 ‘communication LRCGCO’{1 until now}NQBRR6}
{NQBRR7 ‘linguistic expression NQBRW0’{1 as a name could be verbal not just written, but it must be in a language}NQBRR7}

Mar 042014

/*{N1ZRT7=on N1ZSSY copied from 3999.N14MKA.htm:*/
.N1A9WJ {
;float:right/*N1ZF3J: ideally replacing “margin-left”*/
;overflow-x:auto /*{Ignored aka does-nothing on a table; so must be placed on a container as div}{N1ZKOB: from “scroll” to “auto”*/
;max-width:100%/*N1ZQOU: add w/o this the float right/left will kill the over-flow-x scrolling, even though though with it floating object now will not go outside the present margins but that is not as bad as scroll bar not appearing especially as the indents are reduced*/
/* N1ZRL7:[……]MORE

Apr 142012

M22OUT Version 1.0

  1. M22P3K: Title & URL: merging & evolving into
  2. M22P3W: Motivation for explaining this:
  1. M22P4F: Historical
  2. M22P6X: Because browsing currently still temporarily redirects to which looks undesirable and confuses visitors
  • M22PAH: Definition (in historical order):
    1. M22PBF: Originally all http://LoveRules.Info content was published on the website where that currently redirects to, http://blogger.LoveRules.Info, named such as it’s[……]MORE
    Jan 142012
    1. LXS36C: In
      1. LXS36X: Site title
        1. LXS58M: fr=Temporary home for content
        2. LXS5AV: –Got a thought? Jot it here!™ (in <a href=”alpha”>alpha</a>)
          -didn’t work as the HTML wasn’t interpreted
        3. LXS5BE: –Got a thought? Jot it here!™ (in <a href=”alpha”>alpha</a>)
        4. LXS5BV: –Got a thought? Jot it here!™ (version 0.5)
        5. LXS5CJ: version 0.5  –Got a thought? Jot it here!™
        6. LXS5CU: version 0.5   –Got a thought? Jot[……]MORE
    Jan 122012
    1. Version 1.0
    2. LXPEH2: Problem. I was concerned that loading page elements was taking too much time, in particular the
    1. LXPEQ6:   Stylesheet additional 1= in comparison to say
    2. LXPEQM:  Stylesheet additional 2=
  •  LXPEQY: specifically loaded  in  Chrome F12->Timeline then pressing Record then Refresh, then Record (off).
    1. 1:
      Duration 0 (at 9.88s)
      Resource uc
    2. 2:


      Duration 0 (at 10.85s)
      Resource uc
    May 122011

    N48P2QKCGUID ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’’ :

    1. ‘section’
      1. MO3B4H:  ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’
      2. M31R7R: ‘history in reverse order’
        1. OSWKF8:   ‘op’ resume editing after {;date 2017.07.10MonPst1839 ;polish .6 ;version TBA ;words 6355 ;revision 15?}
          1. OSE2EP:  OSE2EP: convert to {format latest: that of /6067#OS8EK1} (start now) cutting in textual order quote:
            1. document wrapper ‘<div class=”N2V8R4″><section><header>..’
    Mar 202011

    (under construction, latest source in file 364)

  • LIBKJS: LIBKJS: doing change LIBJ21=doing change /321#LIBJ21 :
    1. LIBK08: request it and got “should take effect within 5-10 minutes”
    2. LIBKMB: =MB: (20110319­utc192523) is giving me:

      Domain Cloaking Error

      We’re sorry, we had a problem with our web panel when you set up cloaking for your domain!

      Please go to the DreamHost Web Panel’s Domains > Manage Domains area and click the [Edit] link next to to re-configure cloaking.

      Error: no domain — if you recently s[……]MORE

  • Jan 262011

    LFNJQW: My intent for this site is that it replace http://blogger.LoveRules.Info

    1.  N0PUCO:  meaning all of http://blogger.LoveRules.Info is leaving Blogger and coming to due to its better features.
    2. LFNJT5: This is why this site is called 2.LoveRules.Info ; as “1.LoveRules.Info” is http://blogger.LoveRules.Info .
    3. LFNLDZ: Factors that delayed this move for many months include:
      1. LFNLEY: I am planning to really have http://LoveRules.Info be a part of & within the infinite-topic didn’t want to do 2 moves instead of just one, but I still don’t[……]MORE