2.LoveRules.Info M2HRDJ

Apr 142012

M22OUT Version 1.0

  1. M22P3K: Title & URL: http://LoveRules.com merging & evolving into http://1.JotHere.com http://1.JotHere.com/2764#M22OUT
  2. M22P3W: Motivation for explaining this:
  1. M22P4F: Historical
  2. M22P6X: Because browsing http://1.JotHere.com currently still temporarily redirects to http://2.LoveRules.com which looks undesirable and confuses visitors
  • M22PAH: Definition (in historical order):
    1. M22PBF: Originally all http://LoveRules.Info content was published on the website where that currently redirects to, http://blogger.LoveRules.Info, named such as it’s[……]MORE
    Jan 262011

    LFNJQW: My intent for this site is that it replace http://blogger.LoveRules.Info

    1.  N0PUCO:  meaning all of http://blogger.LoveRules.Info is leaving Blogger and coming to 1.JotHere.com due to its better features.
    2. LFNJT5: This is why this site is called 2.LoveRules.Info ; as “1.LoveRules.Info” is http://blogger.LoveRules.Info .
    3. LFNLDZ: Factors that delayed this move for many months include:
      1. LFNLEY: I am planning to really have http://LoveRules.Info be a part of & within the infinite-topic http://JotHere.com didn’t want to do 2 moves instead of just one, but I still don’t[……]MORE