NZMZEK ‘-’ ‘‘diary’

  1. NZN8MH ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
    1. NZN8MZ unless it specifies otherwise,
      1. NZN8NV data is entered via outlined sections
      2. NZN8OZ each day has its own entry with heading as ‘2015.12.19Sat’
      3. NZN8R1 items are sorted in increasing chronological order.
      4. NZN8RP the full content is broken up into an ordered series of documents,
        1. NZN8XP each made as big as can comfortably be put into a document including taking into account {data entry & editing} in it
          1. NZN97T see 1.JotHere.com post size limit typical NX7AQV
        2. NZN8W1 each with a title including the overall subject plus what (time) range it covers
          1. NZN921 with no gaps nor overlaps between documents in terms of the topic each is titled to cover
        3. NZN911 ideally without breaking any single day across multiple documents.
      5. NZN9H5 this design ‘by ‘DestinyArchitect’ starting with 1st usage ‘‘DestinyArchitect’s’ private calendar notes from ‘2015.01(Jan) :NZ2C3V’ to as much as will comfortably fit :NWEEJP
  2. NZMZIN ‘per def’ ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
    1. NZMZCE -1~ ‘1’ ‘‘log (recordkeeping)’
    2. NZMZD0‘Wikipedia’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diary
    3. 1~  ‘1’
  3. NZMZHB ‘name anew’ ‘diary’ ‘rendering anew’ ‘‘diary’
  4. ‘compared to’
  5. annex
Apr 282016

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Dec 272015


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