misc personal diary :NZMisc

NZPQJQ ‘-’‘misc personal diary :NZMisc’

  1. NZPR6J ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
    1. NZPR6U ‘personal diary’
    2. NZPR7O for/of miscellaneous, specifically
      1. NZPRNK for the (regularly temporary) storage & creation of a suitable item
        1. NZPRA6 where the author(s)/owner(s) can’t quickly put it where else near the would be better filed/stored…
          1. NZPRFQ because, from most common, such place…
            1. NZPRG5 doesn’t exist (yet)
            2. NZPRGG they haven’t found or can’t remember
            3. NZPRJD isn’t currently accessible
            4. NZPS7L NZPS7L: isn’t worth creating so far
              1. NZPSOV as 1 or more, from most common roughly: so far isn’t needed to be
                1. NZPSGU shared with other creatures/profiles (different than what the present collection is shared with)
                2. NZPSH9 grouped & collected different than done here
                3. NZPSNU any other reason
            5. NZPRHF –any other reason
        2. NZPRQ3 until it is worth moving to a better place
          1. NZPS09 which generally for some significant quantity of items, regularly happens both
            1. NZPS9J yes
              1. NZPSVX examples, from most common roughly:
                1. NZPSW6 an idea one wants to properly develop, as create a web post for
                2. NZPSX6 a ‘good or service’ review
                  1. NZPTEI with first examples for ‘DestinyArchitect’s ‘good or service’ likes-thru-dislikes :NZB5TK’ :NZB5PD
                3. NZPTGB things not ‘where a better place ‘NZPS7L: isn’t worth creating so far’ forever :NZPSRL
            2. NZPS9A no
              1. NZPSBF examples, from most common roughly:
                1. NZPSRL where a better place ‘NZPS7L: isn’t worth creating so far’ forever :NZPSRL
                  1. NZPSTV as commonly happens for not all but many
                    1. NZPSC9 phone call log
                    2. NZPSDO completion of a web form
                    3. NZPSSV changes made to items one privately owns
                    4. NZPTJ4 review or notes on a person
  2. NZPTL2 ‘per def’
    1. NZXAAM ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
      1. -1~ ‘1
      2. NZPTLW‘Wikipedia’ none
      3. NZXB30 0~
        1. NZXB3S most common use of Post-it/sticky notes
          1. NZXB6R the former compared to the latter,  ‘notable pros thru cons’
            1. NZXB7W much more permanent & less likely to get lost, including
              1. NZXB9H searchable
            2. NZXBAW can be near any HTML (enormous features)
            3. NZXB9P can be arbitrary length
            4. NZXBBJ about as fast to create
        2. NZPTMJ spreadsheet variant :NZPTMJ
          1. NZPTNP also designed by DestinyArchitect
          2. NZXAG5 is suitable only for content which can be made fit well, such as device & software settings & maintenance and web form completions.
          3. NZPTOR notable examples
            1. NZPTXX current ‘misc 20150504180111.NNUR36’
            2. NZPTXN seeming 1st ‘MN9S9S=misc settings et al,tpl MN8SNF’
      4. 1~  ‘1’
    2. NZXABL ‘notable pros thru cons’
      1. NZXASS I the inventor..
        1. NZXABZ use one of these daily and find it terribly useful, one of those ‘how did I live without it?’
        2. NZXATD recommend it for anyone who…
          1. NZXAWQ likes or wants to keep written notes for the seemingly many things where there doesn’t already seem a good place for the notes
          2. NZXAY4 has decent regular access to the web
          3. NZXB0M doesn’t know of a better solution — I don’t per :NZXAUH
        3. NZXAUH don’t know of a better available-now tool for this task :NZXAUH
      2. NZXAKN easy to get started, including easier than ‘spreadsheet variant :NZPTMJ
      3. NZXAMS no major cons
  3. NZPU0B ‘name anew’
    1. NZPUC7misc ‘personal diary’ :‘NZMisc’’ ‘rendering anew’ ‘‘misc personal diary :NZMisc’
    2. NZPUHI uuid: ‘NZMisc
      1. NZPVEV –from replacing last characters of its id with ‘Misc’ from CamelCase of ‘misc
      2. NZPUAM is needed because of the ‘specific’ non-standard ‘misc’ meaning given at NZPR7O
  4. ‘compared to’
  5. annex
Apr 282016

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