review personal diary :NZRevw

NZRQ7S ‘-’ ‘‘review personal diary :NZRevw’

  1. NZRQBJ ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’ :NZRQBJ
    1. NZRQC5 ‘personal diary’
    2. NZRQJ3 of  ‘review’s
  2. NZRQNG ‘per def’
    1. NZRRA9 ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
      1. -1~ ‘1’ above
      2. NZRQO3‘Wikipedia’ none?
      3. 0~
      4. 1~  ‘1’
    2. NZRRD1 ‘compared to’ {at least 1 post per review}, each individual review
      1. NZRSHJ seems best if used for only…
        1. NZRSLJ when the post overhead is high
        2. NZRRAN reviews requiring just 1 pass (for instance reviewing most movies, as opposed a person or sophisticated software or hardware)
        3. NZRSKM when the review style is being notably worked out so notably in flux
      2. NZRSOB has ‘notable pros thru cons’
        1. NZRS3J minimizes author work, notably:
          1. NZRRIJ is less costly to write as post overeat, notably ’NY0WO6 , is shared by multiple reviews
          2. NZRRFH notably easier to develop, maintain, & keep a consistent style between entries
          3. NZRRGL is a little tracker to bookmark
        2. NZRSDS allows some insight & transitions & diary as far as the author’s perspective (the series of things experienced)
        3. NZRSZB less efficient versioning {if full prior version, not delta, is stored with each version, as WordPress seemingly does}
        4. NZRS6J harder on reader
          1. NZRRS9 using post categories to sub-classify reviews mostly pointless
          2. NZRSA4 using categories to create summarized lists of reviews won’t really work
          3. NZRSNK instead the reader expects {at least 1 post per view}
          4. NZRS5G harder & less likely to get comments on (as so much material)
          5. NZRRED is not well highlighted by web search result
  3. NZRT21 ‘name anew’
    1. NZRUMN‘review’ ‘personal diary’ :NZRevw’ ‘rendering anew’ ‘‘review personal diary :NZRevw’
    2. NZRT2X uuid: ‘NZRevw
      1. NZRT97 –from replacing last characters of its id with CamelCase ‘Revw’ short for #NZRQJ3
      2. NZRT4B is desirable because ‘‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’ :NZRQBJ’ I invented having never heard of it.
  4. ‘compared to’
  5. annex
Dec 272015


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