good or service review

O0306E ‘-’‘good or service review’

  1. O2RSQY:  ‘usage’
    1.  ‘in order’ 1
    2. O2RSRC:  This category might be unnecessary at least mostly as
      1. O2RSU9:  the post should & generally is placed in the category of the type of item being reviewd, which will then imply  ‘good or service’ if appropriate.
      2. O2RSRY:  most all written reviews, at least public ones, are of ‘of ‘good or service’ :O03095
  2. O0308U ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
    1. O0308N ‘review’
    2. O03095 of ‘good or service’ :O03095
  3. ‘per def’
    1. ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
      1. -1~ ‘1’
      2. 0 0 ‘Wikipedia’ none?
      3. 1~  ‘1’
    2. ‘compared to’ {..},
      1. has ‘notable pros thru cons’
  4. O03171 ‘name anew’
    1. O030TN ‘‘good or service’ ‘review’’ ‘rendering anew’ ‘‘good or service review’
    2. template: uuid ‘NZRevw
      1.  –from replacing last characters of its id with CamelCase ‘Revw’ short for #NZRQJ3
      2.  is desirable because ‘‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’ :..’ I invented having never heard of it.
  5. annex