‘especially what I need to know’™

O2PJM3 ‘-’  ‘‘‘especially what I need to know’™’

  1. ‘usage’
    1.  ‘in order’ 1
  2. O2PJF7 ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
    1. O2PJUW‘review’’ but…
    2. O2PLIL what one needs/needed to know is {focused-on & featured} foremost :O2PJO4
      1. O2PLL7 by specifically, from most preferred,
        1. O2PLNO what I the author(s) most needed/need to know
          1. O2PLT1 compared to ‘what the average reader needs to know .. O2PJO4’},
            1. O2PLXB notable pros thru cons :O2PLXB
              1. O2PM8G author more needs it, so more needs to write it  –unless being paid well to write other stuff
              2. O2PLXK is 1st hand of self, rather than guessing for others, so
                1. O2PM0Z potentially & likely more reliable
                2. O2PM1A easier to write except where one is ashamed or readers may/do abuse info
              3. O2PM5K readers wanting (hopefully also) some entertainment might be more likely to read
              4. O2PM3A is more humble, usually a plus
              5. O2PQ4L unabridged reading it to oneself, the ‘I’ leads to subconscious self-ownership.
              6. O2PMB9 –neutral–
              7. O2PM4J readers more narcissistic or wanting more immediate self-utility probably less interested as not directly about them
        2. O2PJO4 the writer(s) best guess at what the average reader needs to know :O2PJO4
          1. O2PLWB –my original goal statement
      2. O2PLDL including
        1. O2PJQ8 includes stumbling points, pitfalls, bug reports, & workarounds …especially if high priority by {this ‘ need .. to know :O2PJO4’}
        2. O2PK65 sub-points are sorted by priority…
          1. O2PK7J as much as practical, which is generally a lot
          2. O2PK8E either
            1. O2PK93 starting with highest priority first
            2. O2PK9G in order ‘‘notable pros thru cons’’ so the {extremes so alert-spots} at else near the start & end
        3. O2PKBX the most important & timely points are bolded ideally & often
      3. O3OFJJ:  so a particular  ‘knowledge’ focus
    3. O2PKHT minimizes repetition including instead
      1. O2PJXE links to details plus quotes them {minimally which is ideally & typically 0, as the link is enough}.
      2. O2PKDJ outline format is used ideally & {often for better authors}
    4. ODNNHE:  organization default
      1. ODONDT:  do ‘method _ :ODNND7’ -especially for the NVM
      2. ODOMGI:  every section tells where at least the author was 1st referred to it…
        1. ODOMHG:  if not implicit, as the 1st sub-section of the section
        2. ODOMHY:  by having
          1. ODOML5:  1 of, from most common:
            1. ODOMIM:  the heading ending ‘REF’
            2. ODOMPM:  a last subsection of title ‘I ref’d #1 now REF’
          2. ODOMPT:  where REF is of the form ‘from ‘Customers who viewed also viewed page 3 of 5’ of [KCGUID link to another section]’ where one varies this to fit
      3. ODNNP2:  outline levels, from top-most 1st
        1. OBX93U:  discrete sub-type category, which can repeat (so nest) 0 or more levels :OBX93U
          1. ODNO5L:  each section sorted by {most preferred} else {increasing details}
        2. ODNNU4:  make & models, done by
          1. ODNO0O:  a sub-section of makes, sorted by  {from most preferred} else {alphabetical} :ODNO0O
            1. ODNPPV:  where every make sub-section has…
              1. ODNQBA:  title: the name of the make
              2. ODNQBK:  subsections in order:
                1. ODNQBZ:  optionally Wikipedia entry if exists.
                2. ODNQCC:  optionally make URL it can be found
                3. ODNQCL:  optionally ‘notable pros thru cons’
                4. ODNQCW:  optionally additional
          2. ODNO3J:  sub-sections via OBX93U then ‘model :ODNO8P’ :ODNO3J
            1. ODNOLY:  where every such top-level subsection has parent of 1 of, from most preferred
              1.  ODNNUD:  method _
                1. ODNO1S:  of: each ideally every is a sibling of  ODNO0O
              2. ODNODC:  method _ :ODNODC
                1. ODNODR:  of: each has as its parent its appropriate make section in  ODNO0O
        3. ODNO8P:  model :ODNO8P
          1. ODNPKE:  in its heading, tells in order:
            1. ODNPHU:  ideally-1 very representative pic of it (where all pics are floated right)
            2. ODNO9N:  make…
              1. ODNOAS:  by naming it, and ideally linking-to it where ideally a link to a JotHere entry especially the appropriate ODNO0O
              2. ODNPNJ:  if  the section is not {nested under it per ‘method _ :ODNODC’}
              3. ODNPME:  if known
                1. ODNOAC:  Note make is normally not known else hidden in case of very low priced especially-Asian products especially electronics.
            3. ODNQ1E:  the model #
              1. ODNQ28:  if known & not multiple
            4. ODNQ66:  the UPC & EAN if known
            5. ODNQ2R:  the naming title, merging the title from different vendors found.
            6. ODNQ3Y:  the specs for it and then then the ad for it, if only 1 ad and if brief.
          2. ODNQ7G:  includes sub-sections, in rough order:
            1. ODNQDT:  optionally ‘notable pros thru cons’
            2. ODNQ7X:  optionally key specs for the product which are also shared by all ads
            3. ODNQ8H:  ‘offers possibly with reviews’ section
              1. ODOLY1:  each is an ad, aka offer possibly with review
                1. ODOLZ9:  heading is in order:
                  1. ODOM4Q:  ideally web site name & its SKU which is a hyperlink to the ad
                  2. ODOM5X:  quote of the ad
                    1. ODOM6H:  which is in order:
                      1. ODOMB4:  review stars (default range is 1 thru 5) plus count
                      2. ODOMBA:  raw price
                      3. ODOMBR:  tax is assumed unless noted
                      4. ODOMC1:  S&H lowest-cost {price & delivery duration in days & name}
                      5. ODOMD0:  the seller & fulfiller if not the same as the website.
                      6. ODOMEQ:  other offers {count & lowest price & (if that price is lower than the featured total cost) the S&H lowest cost}
            4. ODNQA1:  optionally for accessories for just this model,
            5. MORE TBA here
      4. section

        1. to file
          1. OBX95E:  in alphabetical order by make then model then instance :OBX95E
  3. ‘per def’
    1. ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
      1.  -1~ ‘1’
      2. 0
        1.   ‘Wikipedia’
      3. near 0
      4.  1~  ‘1’ (example instances)
    2. ‘compared to’ {..},
      1. has ‘notable pros thru cons’
  4. ‘compared to’
  5. O2PKM1 ‘name anew’
    1. O2PPY1 ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’
      1. O2PPZR ‘rendering anew’ ‘‘‘especially what I need to know’™’
    2. O2PL9Q ‘‘especially what I needed to know’™’
    3. O2PMJI ‘‘especially what needed to know’™’
      1. O2PMK4 as a compromise for {the ‘I’ vs. ‘you’ O2PLXB}
    4. O2PKM9 ‘‘especially what you need to know’™’
    5. O2PKKV ‘stumbling points’
    6. O2PKKD ‘review’
  6. ‘‘motivation or source or change’ ‘in reverse start order’’
  7. annex
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