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Aug 012017

OMQ9KU: text processing including editing/editor ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :http://1.JotHere.com/5910#OMQ9KU

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        2. OU0D59: after date 2017.08.01TuePst0622 after words 10779 after entry template is /5812#ON705D after ‘publishing my articles for James’ reference in his thesis starting with his Proposal :OTZUJB
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Apr 062015

NMCVE8   intro & overall

  1. NMCVEL   title history in reverse start-order:
    1. NMCW8I    now: “

      best/proper discussion thread creation & other-management for common email/messaging & posting systems

      –broadened the topic

    2. NMCVEX   originally to next: “best titling of discussion threads starting with email/message-system Subject naming”  —
  2.  image: TBA
  3.  NMEOUM  What to do

    1. NMEOUZ   Follow the rules
  4. NMCWZH   pros thru cons (of doing the rules, especially “get right from the start the thread’s subject and, where applicable, its location”)

    1. NMDIC[……]MORE
Mar 232015

NLOW5O  “intro & overall”

  1. NQQOMD  “The “terms of use” of {this post & its comments, including the privacy & confidentiality of it plus all knowledge obtained from it} is JotHere’s standard Terms of Use except:
    1. NQQON7   none; feel free to share the URLs to this post.
  2. NLOXDP  113301662: (aside: start of previously post 1 last edited “Apr 1, 2014 9:22 AM”)
  3. “post image” TBA
  4. NLOXDX   “post name history in reverse start-order”
    1. NM1F81  “

      ‘Everyone, including on Meetup, please POST often & properly, especially INSTEAD OF DOING calls & especially mes[……]MORE

May 102012

M3UBHA“My numerical age here is my approximate <em>apparent</em> age per http://1.JotHere.com/3142#M3UBHA ” http://1.JotHere.com/3142#M3UBHA

  1. M3KEH0: Definition

    1. M3UC3L: My numerical age here is my approximate apparent age:

      1. M3UCGX: as apparent age, not actual & numeric age, is what’s key in finding romance & even typically friendship

        1. MEZZ9L:Do you get this?
          1. MEZZC9:Unless they’ve seen something like this article, people today typically don’t get this because  of our strong unquestioned custom to go by numerical-age. Including:
            1. M5UBFG: T[……]MORE
May 052012

M3KE66: please comment here! -simply create an account if you don’t yet have one; the version ID of this post is the ID of the last entry of its history.

  1. M33YGV: Title:“As most web forms should do without the completer having to say this, please ((1) email me a complete copy of this my submission here and (2) display on this webform “We will email you a complete copy of your submission here for your records.”) per http://1.JotHere.com/3123#M3KE66 ”

  2. M33YH4: URL:http://1.JotHere.com/3123#M3KE66
  3. M3KEH0: Definition

  1. M3F95SThe title & its URLs provide a very comp[……]MORE

May 042012
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  1. M33YGV: Title: The ticketing alternative you DON’T want: online ticket sales TicketAlternative.com (selected by OCtastefest.comcharges me for a ticket but doesn’t deliver it and when I try to get it or at least a fix, the manager hangs up on me, and more! -my worst online ticket sales experience ever
  2. M33YH4: URL:http://1.JotHere.com/3112#M3IJDA
  3. M3IJTX: Situation

  1. M3F95SThe title & its URLs provide a very compact & complete summary.

  2. [……]MORE

Feb 112012


  1. NLZCUW  title history in reverse start-order:
    1. NLZCYR   now “

      repetition/repeating: as much as practical, really minimize it and make it obvious (what copied/converted from & to where & how) and automate it

      1. NLZDGF  –as this is much more accurate & clearer plus now includes the links to subtopics.
    2. NLZCXF   at 1st publish, “repetition: absolutely-minimize it else make it automated else blatant http://1.JotHere.com/LXZ8S7”
  2. NLZD02   URL(s)
    1. LXZ8S7   http://1.JotHere.com/LXZ8S7
    2. NLZDLP   http://1.JotHere.com/755#NLZCVU
  3. NLZDPV   Why[……]MORE

Jan 142012


  1. LXT4ST:  Problem: wp-utf8-excerpt is not creating fully-readable excerpts of many posts, including most recent as here, due to the fact that <sup> isn’t an ALLOWD_TAG:
  2. LXT667:  Problem: I dicovered this menu option to set many settings which I had set by the code editor.
  3. LXT6CA:  pause but TO BE CONTINUED.